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Welcome to KansasAdventures.com a website for those who want to find out interesting facts about Kansas as well as learn more about some of the state's scenic attractions etc. We are dedicated to sharing with others the rich natural beauty and the interesting history of the great state of Kansas.

Often overlooked or unappreciated...Kansas is much more than simply "flyover country" as it is sometimes considered. For those of us who know it well it really is a "Land of Ahh's" or as a more recent state slogan so aptly says Kansas is "Simply Wonderful".

Kansas is a state that is rich in history, diverse in its geology and full of interesting places to visit and beautiful vistas to see. From the mining areas of southeastern Kansas through the rolling flint hills, past the “amber waves of grain” on the High Plains to the “badlands” of the Arikiekee Breaks, Kansas has much to offer the adventuresome traveler.

Located in the geographic center of the contiguous United States, Kansas is at the crossroads of the nation. Since it was first settled, Kansas has been home to some of the key cross country trails and highways.  Early historic trails that passed through Kansas include the Santa Fe Trail, the Oregon Trail, the Smoky Hill Trail, the Chisholm Trail and the Western Cattle Trail. Each of these historic trails played a key role in the westward expansion of the United States. In addition to these historic trails Kansas was also the communications highway to the west with important mail routes such as the Pony Express, Butterfield Stage and Leavenworth Pike’s Peak Express routes running through the Kansas hills and prairie. Today many important modern day highways cross through Kansas including historic Route 66, Interstate 70 and Highway 83.

All across Kansas you will find fun places to visit and interesting things to see. With its rich history Kansas provides many opportunities for exploring small towns and visiting areas that played a key role in the western expansion of the United States.

Throughout its history many famous people have come from Kansas. From Astronauts to Presidents, Kansas helped shape the life and character of many important people in our nation’s history. The same type of ingenuity and rugged individualism that helped the early settlers in Kansas survive and prosper still exists today.

To understand and appreciate all that Kansas has to offer you must experience its unique beauty and inspiring history. KansasAdventures.com is dedicated to helping you do that as we share with you…”a little history…some great places to see….and much more” from all around the state of Kansas.

We hope you will join with us as we explore Kansas!

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